Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

Division 781

Telephone numbers:
Payroll: 800-582-2655 or RNX 426-4220
Guarantee: 800-945-8696 or RNX 388-3767

CSX Payroll questions and problems can now be handled with internet e-mail!

Save your valuable time this year, send your full name, employee identification number, and a brief description of your question or problem to the appropriate e-mail address listed below; and payroll will return your e-mail with a response.

Choose the Payroll Internet e-mail address that corresponds to your craft and/or location:
All Employees (Contract & Non-Contract) for Direct deposit, lost/late check, W2 changes, state and local taxes, deductions such as credit union, union dues, etc.
Contract Employees (All Crafts) for Monthly TPA and protection type guarantees.
Non Operating Crafts: Maintenance of Way, Communications & Signals, Mechanical, Clerical, Yardmasters.

Train & Engine Crafts: Florida Business Unit or the Allegheny, C&O, or Appalachian Divisions.

Train & Engine Crafts: Louisville or Nashville Divisions, WSSB, GM, and HPTD.

Train & Engine Crafts: Albany, Baltimore or Cumberland Divisions.

Train & Engine Crafts: Atlanta, Florence or Jacksonville Divisions.

Train & Engine Crafts: Chicago, Detroit or Great Lakes Divisions.

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