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Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen

A division of the Rail Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Division 781

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Division officers 2022 - 2024





Division Officers



President Make Hale  
Vice President Michael McNabb  
Local Chairman Michael Edwards
1st Vice Local Chairman Brad Morefield  
2nd Vice Local Chairman Richard White  
Secretary / Treasurer David Fitzgerald
Alternate Secretary / Treasurer John Ewing  
Guide David Fitzgerald  
Chaplin David Fitzgerald  
Delegate to ND David Fitzgerald  
1st Alt. Delegate to ND Michael Edwards  
2nd Alt. Delegate to ND

Michael McNabb

Delegate to State Legislative Board Michael Edwards  
Alt. Delegate to State Legislative Board Patrick Bridges  
Trustee Tony King  
Trustee Scott Steffey  
Trustee Patrick Bridges  
1st Alterate Trustee Brad Morefield  
2nd Alterate Trustee Richard White  
3rd Alterate Trustee Kristopher Hazen